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wwwision/graphql v3.0.1

Base package to create GraphQL endpoints with Flow
Last activity on 4 April 2019
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wwwision/neos-graphql dev-master

Experimental GraphQL API for the Neos Content Repository
Last activity on 4 April 2019
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wwwision/userlikes dev-master

Simple package for managing user-based "likes" or "recommendations" using Event Sourcing
Last activity on 1 January 2017
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wwwision/likes dev-master

Simple Neos Flow package that allows to track arbitrary "likes" or recommendations
Last activity on 5 May 2018
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wwwision/neos-addresseditor v1.0.1

Simple Neos extension adding a custom property editor for addresses, including GeoCoding
Last activity on 5 May 2017


Flow package with a custom Flow Form Framework Form Element that renders Neos Content References
Last activity on 8 August 2017
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wwwision/assetconstraints dev-master

Simple package to constraint access to Neos.Media assets based on tags, content type or asset collection
Last activity 14 days ago
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wwwision/neos-dummyimage dev-master

Package that allows for rendering dynamic dummy images in the Neos backend.
Last activity on 8 August 2019
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wwwision/neos-mailchimp 5.0.0

Flow package that integrates MailChimp into your Neos site / Flow Application
Last activity on 12 December 2018
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BEM style classes (see http://getbem.com/) with Neos Fusion
Last activity on 4 April 2019
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wwwision/import-service 1.0.2

Generic service for importing data from different sources to configurable targets such as the Neos Content Repository or an arbitrary database table