Neos Sprint 2022 Hamburg

The Neos Team and some first-time-sprinters met in Hamburg to talk, code, have fun and enjoy time together in real life. They were supported by further Neos members remotely, who could unfortunately not join personally due to Corona circumstances.

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It has been three very long years with lots of remote work since the last time when some Neosians came together in real life for programming and discussing things about Neos and their lifes. This time we all met in Hamburg, where Sitegeist sponsored the location and food for us. Thank you for your warm hospitality!

Decisions are teamwork

Every morning we did a standup to plan the actual day, got together in smaller teams which could change over the day and who discussed the future direction of Neos. This way, we achieved decisions for the following topics:


The link editor, which is until now an extension package, will become a part of the Neos Core. We discussed which features are necessary and how to implement them in the best way to give the editors a good user experience. Therefore, the new link editor will have an "is download" option, and it should also be possible to set anchors across the whole website.

Secondary Asset Inspector

The secondary asset inspector isn't optimal today. It shows some editable information, where it is not necessary and thus worsens the overview. We decided to move these information to a different place where they are better located and show instead some other important information for images directly in the inspector.

secondary asset inspector.png
The secondary asset inspector until now

Neos Con 2023

We decided to add an extra contribution day, where every Neosian can join and program something for the Neos Core. This way we hope to further activate the community and to lower the threshold for becoming a part of the Neos project. 

Neos Demo Package

The neos demo package should show the possibilities of Neos without overloading it with too much information for new community members. In order to successfully walk this fine line, we discussed in the team which features belong in the demo package and what is already too advanced for this purpose.

11 people from the Neos Sprint stand happily around a table, that is full of laptops, fruits and snacks.
Every morning we did a short standup meeting, where everyone explained what they achieved yesterday and which goals they have for today. This way we organized also small "special teams" over the day which discussed specific Neos features in detail.

Besides the smaller team discussions, we did a retro of the last three years. Detailed information about this event can be found here. Of course, we didn't just discuss all the time, but also programmed a lot. After one week, we achieved small and big improvements for the next Neos Release. You can find some of these in the following list:

  • Improved flow routing
  • Updated the Neos UI Pipeline and build process
  • Bug fixing of some smaller Neos UI issues
  • Rector Migrations for Neos 9

First platinum sponsorships and a new core member

Even though Neos is an open-source project, the further development of the CMS costs money. Therefore, it is important to find sponsors as supporters. In order to achieve this goal even better in the future, the service provider listing has been changed so that providers who actively promote the Neos development are placed higher up. This change already achieved first successes: Neos now has its first three Platinum Sponsors: Sitegeist, Sandstorm and 3m5.

Another great news is that our Neos team has expanded. During the Sprint, we welcomed Anke Häslich from queo as our new member. She already did a great job as moderator at the last Neos Con in 2022 and supported Neos in different ways. We are happy that you are now a official part of us, Anke.

A drone photo of eleven people who where at the Neos Sprint. They are standing on the roof terrace of the building where Sitegeist is located.
On the photo wildly mixed up: Anke, our newest Neos team member and staff of our first three Platinum Sponsors, some of whom were also active at the Neos Sprint.

Beyond Neos

Furthermore, Jon Uhlmann took us to his journey of falling in love with Tailwind.css in a very interesting meetup. This way, we had the possibility to look beyond the horizon and learn how easy it can be combined with Neos.

Beside all this programming, learning, and discussing we had also fun while eating pizza together, playing with drones or have a nice evening in a neighboring restaurant. See you all at the next sprint again!