Solarwatt GmbH is one of the German solar pioneers and European photovoltaic market leaders. The company, which employs around 60 people, aims to provide lifelong support for people who want to supply themselves with clean energy.

Solarwatt GmbH

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How Neos CMS made the Difference

The solar market is booming, and Solarwatt is also benefiting from this development. To make the most of the market's opportunities, the company has created a new communicative and visual presence. On the corporate website, Solarwatt presents its holistic energy solutions and business customers and offers additional, custom-fit services that make it even easier for customers to generate and use their own solar power.

The main focus of the new website is on impressive, elaborately animated product presentations that bring the company's solutions to life emotionally and explain them at the same time - without weakening the site's performance.

NEOS, as a fairly young CMS that can be adapted very well to individual needs, is ideally suited to Solarwatt's technology-driven requirements. To basic core elements, the developers at 3m5. selected additional content elements and created a customised backend with excellent usability for editors. The NEOS Core team extended the system's search plugin especially for the project. Now, in addition to website content, other external sources can also be linked to the search, the results separated and cleanly indexed.

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„For our new website, we found with NEOS a CMS-system that fits perfectly to our content & data-driven way of working. Especially the front-end allows us to create impressive and innovative product presentations for our costumers.“

Kristin Schubert, Project Manager Website, SOLARWATT GmbH


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