Upcoming Release Sprint

Next week we will meet up in Frankfurt am Main for our Neos & Flow 9 focused sprint.

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During the recent weeks we have had some increased activity around the Neos 9 release as further team members joined the effort. Until now we have focused on introducing those breaking changes which will be the foundation for new features in the event sourced content repository.

Almost all features are working with Neos 9. For some of them we still need the time to finalize the details. And some features will not make it into the final release. Therefore we plan to create a decision flow chart "Is Neos 9.0 the right choice for your project?" during the sprint.

Our sprint in Frankfurt next week is focused on Neos 9 and our plan is to release a beta afterwards. Rest assured we will release Neos & Flow 9 this year. Stay curious about the release date, which we announce soon.

Contributing to the release and sprint

Thanks to all of you who have already provided us with feedback about the upcoming major version. These are invaluable contributions which help us push this release forward. In addition, we want to give a special thanks to DE-CIX for providing the location for this sprint.  

If you would like to join our effort, please check out the post on discuss or our sprint board for further information. We are also still looking for a food sponsor: if you would like to support us in this way, you can do so by purchasing a Neos Sprint Supporter Badge.



As announced we decided to push the final release of Neos 9.0 to 2024, but we aim for another beta release by the end of this year!