Neos Events

Although people from all over the world are working remotely on Neos, a lot of progress is reached during real-life events. They are not only great for discussions and decisions, but also for developing at light speed.

Apart from working on Neos, sprints are also a great opportunity to meet and exchange with old and new friends.

Upcoming Conferences

May 10th - May 11th 2019 - Neos Conference 2019 in Dresden, Germany (organized by sitegeist and Sandstorm)

Upcoming Meetups 2018


April 25th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany (hosted by mindscreen - thank you!)

If you are planning a meetup that is not listed here and/or on Meetups get in touch at hello (at)

Upcoming Sprints 2018

There are plenty of sprints coming up, some of them already have specific dates while others are just in general planning mode. If you'd like to participate in one of them please feel free to fill out a doodle to show your interest.


June 25th - 29th - Neos Sprint Dresden, Germany (hosted by Sandstorm - thank you!)

November 5th - 9th or Nov 12th - 16th Neos Sprint & Meet Neos Salzburg, Austria (hosted by gesagt.getan - thank you!)


May 6th - 9th or May 13th - 17th - Neos Sprint Dresden, Germany (hosted by Sandstorm - thank you!)

We're always organizing the next Neos Sprints and will post details once they are available.

If you have a suggestion for a location or would like to sponsor one for us please get in touch at hello (at)!

Remarks about sprints:

Sprints are open to anyone who wants to support the project. We can use help in development, documentation, testing, design, marketing, funding, event organizing and much more. So there's something to do for everyone. Please get in touch with us at hello (at) if you're interested in joining a sprint.

Past Events



April 18th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup Vienna, Austria

April 13th - 14th - 2nd Neos Conference in Hamburg, Germany (organized by sitegeist - thank you!)

April 9th - 12th - Neos Sprint in Hamburg, Germany (hosted by sitegeist - thank you!)


February 26th - March 2nd - Neos Sprint in Dresden, Germany (hosted by sandstorm - thank you!)

February 15nd - Neos CMS und Flow Meetup Hamburg, Germany


January 31th - Neos CMS Accessibility Day in Munich, Germany (hosted by mindscreen - thank you!)

January 15th - Neos CMS and Flow Framework Meetup Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland



December 13th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany

December 21st - Neos CMS and Flow Framework Meetup Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland


November 22nd - Neos CMS und Flow Meetup Hamburg, Germany

November 16th - Neos CMS and Flow Framework Meetup Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland

November 13th - 17th - Neos Sprint in Vienna, Austria (hosted by web&co - thank you)


The whole month was Hacktoberfest time…

October 17th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup Vienna, Austria

October 19th - Neos CMS and Flow Framework Meetup Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland



September 18th - 22nd - Topic sprint: Event-Sourced Content Repository in Kiel, Germany (hosted by networkteam - thank you)

September 6th - Neos and Flow Meetup Hamburg, Germany


August 23th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany

July 31 - August 4 - Neos sprint in Dusseldorf, Germany (hosted by noerdisch - thank you)


July 5th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Hanover, Germany - Grill Special!

July 10th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Dresden, Germany


June 18th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany


May 12th - Meet Neos Event in Basel, Switzerland


April 12th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany

April 12th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Hanover, Germany

March 31st - April 1st - Neos Conference 2017 in Hamburg, Germany


March 27th - 30th - Neos Sprint in Hamburg, Germany (just before Neos Conference)

March 14th - Neos Rhein/Main #5 in Frankfurt, Germany


February 20th - 24th - Neos Sprint in Dresden, Germany (hosted by Sandstorm Media - thank you!)

February 16th - Neos CMS Meetup (Kick off) in Berlin, Germany


January 27th - Hack the Swiss Confederation Styleguide v3.0 with Neos CMS in Bern, Switzerland

January 23rd - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany

January 18th - Neos Rhein/Main #4 - Neos 3.0 and the road ahead at the Neos Meetup Rhein/Main in Darmstadt, Germany



Dezember 8th - Neos CMS Meetup (German) in Karlsruhe, Germany

November 30th - Neos CMS Meetup (German) in Dresden, Germany

November 26th - Neos Barcamp Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany

November 21st - 25th - Neos Sprint Hamburg, Germany (with support from Sitegeist - thank you!)

November 8th - Neos CMS Meetup (German) in Düsseldorf, Germany

November 3rd - MEET NEOS Munich in Munich, Germany

November 1st - Neos CMS Meetup in Hamburg, Germany


October 27th - Flow and Neos MeetUp in Karlsruhe, Germany

October 13th - MEET NEOS Salzburg, Austria


September 29th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Vienna, Austria 

September 14th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup in Munich, Germany 

September 8th - 0 to live in 20min in Frankfurt, Germany

September 7th - 3rd Neos MeetUp in DUS - Showcases in Düsseldorf, Germany


August 31st - Neos Dev Camp 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany - Read the report!

August 29th - 30th - Sprint prior to Neos Dev Camp 2016 in Nuremberg, Germany (with support from netlogix - thank you!)

August 18th - Neues aus dem Neos-Master (2.3) / Neos-Events / Hands on: Deployment mit Surf (German) in Karlsruhe, Germany

August 4th - What is Neos/Flow, Kickstart in Dresden, Germany


July 14th - First hands-on Neos and getting to know each other in Dresden, Germany

July 13th - Neos CMS and Flow Meetup Munich in Munich, Germany

July 8th - Neos CMS & Flow Framework Meetup Swiss in Bern, Switzerlan

July 4th - #2 - Neos MeetUp in DUS in Düsseldorf, Germany


June 23rd - Kick off some Neos Meetup in Vienna, Austria


April 21st - 23rd - Inspiring Conference in Kolbermoor, Germany

April 18th - 21th Sprint in Rosenheim, Germany, before InspiringCon

April 14th - Meet Neos in Nuremberg, Germany


March 7th - 11th Sprint at Sandstorm in Dresden, Germany



30th Meet Neos conference in Zurich, Switzerland


21st - 25th - Sprint in Frankfurt, Germany - kindly hosted by DeCIX


10th - 15th - Sprint in Nuremberg, Germany


19th - 20th - Strategy meeting in Munich, Germany


26th - 28th - Inspiring Conference, Kolbermoor Germany



Not long after the august code sprint the team met again, this time in Rødby, Denmark. This time we had a special location in form a very large manor, where working location and accommodation was combined. In total 28 participants took part making it the largest code sprint we've had so far. Organized by Aske Ertmann the code sprint welcomed 7 new contributors. Main topics of the sprint was finalizing 1.2, translation of UI and access controls.


After the summer holidays the team met up again in the end of august in Kiel, Germany. Organized by Christopher Hlubek the sprint had 13 participants. Main topics for the sprint was to finish features going into 1.2, improving stabilization and discuss various topics.


Just before the developers days in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, the team met for a medium sized sprint with 13 participants. Organized by Rens Admiraal the sprint took place the the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). Main topics was finalizing and releasing 1.1, which was released an hour before the developer days kicked off.


Not long after the previous sprint the team met again, this time in Rosenheim, Germany. In connection with the Inspiring Conference the team met up before the conference for a few days at Rosenheim University. This was a large code sprint with 19 participants who worked on features for 1.1 and finishing performance improvements.


The first code sprint following the release of 1.0 took place in Lübeck, Germany and was organized by Robert Lemke. The focus of the sprint was to improve performance of Neos & Flow. It was a small sprint with 8 participants, however the outcome in terms of gains in performance improvements was big.