Personalized Experiences:
Content Dimensions

The feature for complex marketing campaigns and target audiences


What are Content Dimensions?

Content dimensions is a generic concept to have multiple variants of a content node. A content dimension can be anything, but the most widely known use case for a content dimension is a translation for a different language or country.

The content repository supports any number of dimensions. This results in one of the most flexible content structures which is on the market today. 

Serving custom content to your target audience

Since the concept of content dimensions is so generic, you can not only serve language or country variants of your content, but also custom content to a defined target audience of yours.

Content dimensions enable you to address different users with different, well suited content which match their character or even special needs. This way, even the most complex marketing campaigns can be organized and managed without a high volume effort.

Define and create

1. Define

Defining your audiences and the communication media is the key step for a successful content marketing.

2. Configure content dimensions

Adding or creating new dimensions is a breeze and requires only minutes of effort to be done in the configuration.

3. Create content

Use an already existing content dimension as a basis and adjust the content to the needs of your new audience.

Advertise and manage

4. Communicate and advertise 

Sharing custom content is simple, the target content dimensions will have its own part in the URL and every user which visits your site will be served the correct content.

5. Manage and improve

Editing and improving the content is as simple as creating a new one. Just switch to the target content dimension you want to edit content in and the editing is as simple as usual.