Join us for the Neos Re-Brand Remote
Sprint this March

The Neos team met remotely this February for the first sprint of 2024. 
Read about what we did and our plans for our next sprint in March.

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The first Neos Re-Brand Sprint of 2024 took place at the end of February. It was a successful three days of remote work, collaboration, and effort from contributors such as Jon Uhlmann and the Neos team at MÜNSMEDIA.


Our goal

We aim to go live by Neos Con 2024, which takes place in Karlsruhe at the end of May. To reach our goal, we have planned a number of sprints for 2024. The next remote sprint will take place from the 25th – 27th March, followed by an on-site sprint in April at the MÜNSMEDIA office in Magdeburg, Germany.


We need you!

To achieve our goal, we need the support of talented designers and developers. Are you a talented designer or do you know someone who could contribute? Contact Fabian (fabian (at) to find out more about our next Neos Sprint and how you can help, or reach out via Slack #project-rebrand.


Our February sprint 

Our main focus for the February Sprint was design. We planned to design and integrate further content elements and brainstorm future content for the target audience. Nino Müns from the MÜNSMEDIA team gave his thoughts on what we achieved:

The developers made a great effort in this Sprint. We managed to plan missing content elements and plan what still needs to be designed.


The Neos team collaborated remotely for the February sprint. 

Feedback from the participants

The Neos team at MÜNSMEDIA gave their feedback on the event:

The Neos sprint was incredibly fun and a great opportunity to collaborate with other Neos developers, share code styles and best practices.                                                      Benjamin Behrendt, MÜNSMEDIA GmbH.

The sprint was fun – it was cool to get involved in a different, completely unfamiliar project. I was able to use my trainee knowledge to build & even improve a few front-end components. The sprint is a good opportunity to learn new things together with others.                          Jonas Wiegand, MÜNSMEDIA GmbH.

Jonas Wiegand

It was a new and exciting experience to get to know some of the Neos team in person and to be directly involved. Even though setting up and getting started was a change and an adjustment, everyone still managed to contribute something.                                       Damian Peters, MÜNSMEDIA GmbH.

PXL_20240220_090909314.MP (1).jpg
Damian Peters

The next steps

Our next focus is to acquire further design support to draft the representational components, so the developers can continue their work said Nino Müns.

We also need further developers to advance quicker in order to get everything done before the Neos Conference.

Want to collaborate at our next Sprint? Just pop into the next-sprint channel on Slack and say hello!