Neos ❤️ E-Commerce

Ever since, ecommerce systems are designed for showing and browsing hundreds and thousands of products or services and providing users with a streamlined online shopping experience. 

But have you ever tried to build a storydriven online shopping experience within an ecommerce platform?

Neos allows you to build a whole new level of e-commerce shop with any software such as Magento, Shopware, XT Commerce or even Shopify. Nowadays this is called content commerce.


What is Content Commerce?

Every purchase decision is subjective and based on own experiences, those of others, reviews and available information. Purely putting pictures, basic information and facts about the offered products online is not enough today. Customers expect way more and that does not mean "more of the same".

Customers want to "experience" products and service before they buy them.

Embedding products into a holistic story allows customers to imagine and dream how it would be to own it. How it would be to watch the sunrise on top of the mountain, feel the freedom and expanse and not sweating in their new hiking pants.

That is exactly the point where Neos and Flow come in handy.


How does it work?


Neos helps you to create landing pages based on a specific situation (occasions, holidays, target groups) and according to the season. The content can be a mixture of text, images and videos.

Neos was designed and developed to be easily extended - planned and unplanned. 

That way you can easily integrate Neos with e-commerce system like Magento, Shopware, Aimeos, Intellishop or any other shop system to build a story around your products.

This mixture of content and product information tempts your visitors to click through your product pages, get inspired and discover new things they didn't even think about in the first place.



Neos as Shop

Neos with Magento

Neos with IntelliShop

Neos with Shopware



The company Anita Dr. Helbig stands for very special underwear and swimwear, an ingenious fit, uncompromising comfort and incredible quality – for over 130 years.

It was one of the very first Content Commerce Experiences based on Neos and Magento with a seamless integration between the two systems and delivered in multiple languages and countries.