What happened in May & June 2024?

We are trying to publish a monthly about what has happened in our community in the last month.
Depending on activities, it might be a longer or shorter blogpost - and sometimes we might have to summarize two or three months.
May + June 2024 topics: NeosCon, Sprint, Neos 9, Releases

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  • Events: NeosCon, Neos Award & Post Conference Sprint
  • 6 Neos and Flow Releases
  • 8 major or feature Neos and community package releases


More Details

Neos Reviews on omr.com

Have you seen that you can review and rate Neos on omr.com? There are already a lot of reviews; if you feel like adding one, pls feel free: 

New Team Member

Paula Kallert joined the Neos Team - Welcome Paula and thank you very much for your contribution so far!

Neos Conference 2024

Neos Conference 2024 took place in Karlsruhe on May 30 and 31. It was a great event sponsored by Gold Sponsors Flownative, networkteam, punkt.de and sitegeist, and organized by punkt.de and sandstorm - as well as other fabulous community members. 

Blog post about Neos Con


Neos Award 2024

We have some amazing Award Winners that are worth looking at - from VBG (Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft) to Swiss Postal Services a lot of well-known companies and community members won a deserved trophy for their achievements. 

Blog post about Neos Award


Neos 9 Development

As Neos 9 is on the horizon, the main development focus lies on all the topics around the new version. We created a "Masterplan" that should guide you through the upcoming months!

Blog post about Neos 9.0 Masterplan


Post Conference sprint

During the Post Conference sprint, a lot of fruitful discussions have kicked off - not only technically, but also about how we plan to organize as a team.

Other news

The Neos community funded the official XDebug support for Flow and Neos 🚀