Three years in the Neos community

Let us take a look at what happened since our last team retro three years ago.

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It has been three years since our last team retrospective in Vienna. So our bi-annual retro has been long overdue. We used the opportunity of the Neos sprint in Hamburg, hosted by Sitegeist, to spend half a day together and improve our team collaboration.

An important part of our retrospectives is taking a look at all the things we accomplished. Our highlights from three years:

  • 6 people joined the team - 4 left. The Neos Team grew!
  • 2 major and 7 minor releases happened as per our release roadmap - an outstanding achievement and huge thanks to all release managers!
  • 22 events took place, including
  • Neos Foundation e.V. was created
  • and much more
The October 2022 retrospective timeline visualized as a Gantt chart
The October 2022 retrospective timeline

We picked two topics to discuss in detail: our internal team organization and our external marketing to increase financial support for the Neos Project.

The biggest internal change is already implemented: we decided to regroup as the Neos Team and not have separate sub-teams any more. We hope to increase connection between team members and still be able to have disciplined syncs about what we are working on. We are excited to see how this experiment develops.

Regarding our marketing efforts we already had some quick wins - but I won't spoil those here. Look out for future communication regarding sponsors!

We all agreed that the time spent was well worth it and that we want to return to our bi-annual retrospective schedule. 

If you are interested in more details about the retrospective, here is the full post on