(Almost) half a year in the Neos community

Let us take a look at what has happened in the previous five months.

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As is the case roughly every half year, in October we had another team retrospective during the Neos sprint in Vienna, Austria. At that retrospective (just like during the previous ones) we created a timeline of things that had happened since the previous retrospective.

The timeline shows:

  • The Marketing Guild was started. A first visible result is the restructured neos.io website. But the guild is still building momentum and there are more things to come.
  • Four Neos Meetups took place. Still room for more!
  • No changes to the team this time…
  • We released the Neos major version 5.0 aka. Jabberwock and Flow 6.0, more in the release blog post.
  • And if course more patch level releases have been done. We somehow forgot to put in the Neos UI releases this time, so we added them afterwards… 🙈
The October 2019 retrospective timeline

The October 2019 retrospective timeline

We had the feeling things had slowed down, compared to the last retrospective. While this may partly be due to the "summer dip", we felt that some things have causes we need to address. That's why we discussed about team development and workload in more depth during the retrospective. Check the discuss post linked below for more on that.

If you would like to help, just get in touch! Besides one of our todos, you are invited to organize a Meetup, join a sprint, help with documentation, develop something cool, review a PR, … whatever you like!

If you are interested in more details about the retrospective, here is the full post on discuss.neos.io.