Mastering content intuitively

Neos does not abstract the editing of content from your website, this way you don't need expensive trainings or time consuming tutorials on how to operate the CMS. In fact, you already know how to edit content in Neos. You just click into the content within your website and start editing right away, it's that simple!

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Content structured understandably

The Content Repository in Neos stores your content in a unified way. Your website is represented by a tree structure and so is the content on a page. This intuitive approach guides your editors to create great content.

Based on your business domain content can be represented as a product, a news article or a contact. Your editors can leave text boxes, labels and table structures behind and create content that feels natural to them.

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Handle multilingual content easily

Whether you want to publish your content in multiple languages or for multiple countries, Neos has you covered. You can easily create translations from scratch, or based on existing content in other languages.

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Content workflows for professionals

Neos can adjust to your publishing workflow. From small websites with a few editors to multiple large campaigns prepared in parallel, Neos workspaces scale to your needs. 

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Content tailored to your audiences

Think of content dimensions as a generic concept to have multiple variants of your content. A Content dimension can be anything and the most wide-spread case is languages, but also personalisation

The content dimension approach of Neos allows you to serve custom content to specific target audiences. The possibilities are endless and Neos will work hand in hand with your business requirements as they change.

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And many more...

Multi-Site Capabilities

You can configure a single Neos instance to run multiple websites and even more advanced setups.

Human readable URLs 

Neos provides human readable out of the box. No requirements or setup needed.

Powerful Configuration 

The configuration in Neos is highly extensible and includes a flexible inheritance system.

Reviews and Workflows

Sophisticated editing and review workflows are supported with workspaces. 

Command Line Interface

Neos is backed by the enterprise PHP framework Flow and includes extensive CLI tooling as well.

Package Manager

Managing 3rd party dependencies is a breeze in Neos since we ourselves use composer - and you can, too.

Routing and Redirects

Powerful redirects and custom routings provide enhanced SEO flexibility.

Users and Roles

Create users, roles and restrict access to administrative and editing features.

Easy deployments

Neos is built for easy deployments and the use of version control systems in mind. A system built for developers from developers.

Flexible Templating 

Templates are written in Fluid, the next-generation templating engine, which is based upon the familiar HTML syntax.

Template Processing

Writing templates is sometimes not enough. Neos provides you with Fusion, a prototypical rendering processing language.

No Design Restrictions

Since there are no boundaries regarding the templating, your design can be as complex as you want it to be.