Your content – correctly structured

Flexible content modeling provided by the Neos Content Repository


What are Content Elements?

Content elements are the building blocks of your website. You can start by adjusting predefined ones, like Page, Text or Image – or you can create your own fitting your business domain.

Not only the pages are organized in a tree structure, also the content on the page is structured in this way. This allows to build elements in a very flexible manner, creating custom multi-column elements is a matter of seconds.

Guide your editors to create great content

By using custom content elements, the editor does not need to think about styling, formatting and presentation anymore, but can concentrate fully on content. 

Neos completely removes the barrier between editor and CMS: As an example, in order to present a product, the editor does not need to create text, images or bullet-list elements in a specific way. He just adds a product element directly, and starts filling the blanks.

Domain specific content

1. Design

Freely design the content elements that fit to your project. Think about articles, products, travel-journeys or contacts - the sky is the limit.

2. Model, Extend, Adjust

Model your content elements just by writing some configuration. And don't worry - extending and adjusting the elements is always possible. 

3. Present

Render the content using powerful templating techniques like FlowQuery, Eel and Fluid, custom for the different output channels which you need.

Building Blocks for your projects

4. Use it where it fits

With content constraints, you can accurately define which content elements are available in which part of your page. This helps editors to focus and build good websites.

5. Share and Reuse

Content element definitions can be shared among your projects and with the community. Community elements can be integrated easily.


Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

Here you can see a delicate example of how content can be modelled with the Neos Content Repository. 

For the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur/Switzerland, an full-fledged event calendar has been created using a NodeStructure alone - no custom database scheme, no additional backend tweaks - only pure Neos.