Neos Post Conference Sprint 2024

After an amazing NeosCon and a productive contribution day, several members of the Neos core team and some community members spent another 3 days at the office in Karlsruhe to work on Neos 9, talk about our core team direction and more.

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We were ~12 participants on-site, plus several remote team members, with various focus topics. So some of us worked on fixing bugs and preparing some new features for the freshly announced Neos 8.4, while others focused on Neos 9. We still have some areas for Neos 9 that need some discussions on how we best design our new APIs and keep the great extensibility that Neos is known for. We also tested and fixed bugs. Thx especially to the Neos community members Sophia Grimm and Peter Wyss who joined us at the sprint and helped in those areas. The "outside view" that community contributors bring, is also very welcome as they spot issues, we easily overlook while working on features.

The week kicked off with a productive Monday dedicated to discussions on branching off Flow 8.4 and Neos 8.4. sponsored a delightful pizza lunch, setting the tone for the day's collaborative sessions. As evening fell, the team gathered for a sponsored dinner at the Badisch Brauhaus, courtesy of

On Tuesday, the focus shifted to the Neos Core Team workshop, where the team delved into the core's overarching objectives. The day's discussions revolved around the intricacies of separating workspace functionality and metadata within the Neos core. The evening brought a fun-filled game night with pizza hosted at the office, sponsored by visol.

Wednesday brought significant progress as the workspace module was successfully extracted into a separate core package. This strategic move aimed to streamline the rewrite process and enhance development efficiency and will be an example on how we proceed with other modules still contained in the Neos.Neos package. Conversations on Wednesday spanned topics such as uri building overhaul and Neos benchmarking, underscoring the team's commitment to continuous improvement. Lunch was a delightful affair featuring sumptuous Asian cuisine, generously sponsored by visol.