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See Neos in Action

Why Neos? 


Designed for Editors

Creating, editing and changing content has never been so easy. Just type, insert pictures and publish. It's that easy!

  • Edit your content right where it is
  • Beautiful & intuitive Control Panel
  • Powerful roles & user management

See the Inline Editing in action >


Crafted for Developers

Neos is crafted by and for developers. No magic happening. You are in full control over what you do.

  • Custom content modeling
  • Planned extensibility
  • Easily integrate any 3rd party system

More about the technology >


Built to last

Looking for an individual system that lasts for years, integrates with your other systems and can still be updated? You found it!

  • Trusted Open Source Foundation
  • Built to be integrated
  • Long time supported (LTS) versions

Check out our Case Studies >

Powered by Neos Screenshot


High Performance with industry leading Two-Stack CMS approach

1&1 Case Study >

Cornelsen Screenshot


Manage not only 5 different sites in your Neos instance - how about hundreds?

Cornelsen Case Study >

Vierpfoten Screenshot


Central datahub in an decentralized environment

VIER PFOTEN Case Study >

What people love most about working with Neos 


True Inline WYSIWYG Editor

Edit your content right where it is - in your website! No preview buttons or technical skills needed.

  • Click and type - it's that easy
  • Predefined styles help you to focus on your content
  • Simply move content elements around to reorder them


See the Inline Editing in action >


True Multi-Site Support

Whether you want to provide content for multiple languages, countries or target groups, we got you covered! Managing 5 different sites isn't enough - how about hundreds?

  • Manage hundreds of different sites in one Neos instance
  • Handle all your different languages, countries and personalisation
  • Define fallback options

See Multi-Site in action >


Planned extensibility

Requirements will change during the lifecycle of your project. This is why we put a lot of effort into making Neos as flexible as possible, while presenting a purpose-built, clean interface.

  • No hacking required to extend your Neos system
  • Over 640 free add-ons and counting

More about planned extensibility >

Mirja Stöcker, Copywriter,

„I have texted into many Content Management Systems. But this one is different. Neos is the first CMS that is actually fun to work with!“

Mirja Stöcker, Copywriter,

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