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Join us at Inspiring Conference 2016!

The biggest Neos and Flow Conference of the year - Inspiring Conference - will happen from 21st - 23rd April 2016 in Kolbermoor. Get your ticket now and don't miss the chance to hear great talks about Neos and Flow and meet the team!

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Neos 2.1 released

It's that time of the year when wishes come true. Ours are Neos 2.1 and Flow 3.1 bringing collaborative editing, performance improvements, additional languages and PHP7 compatibility.

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What is Neos?

Think of Neos as an open source Content Application Platform based on its own PHP framework Flow. A set of core Content Management features is resting within a larger context that allows you to build a perfectly customized experience for your users.

Easily extendable

Requirements will change during the lifecycle of your project. This is why we put a lot of effort into making Neos as flexible as possible, while presenting a purpose-built, clean interface.

For more advanced use-cases you can use the power of the Flow application framework to add new functionality.

TYPO3 Neos Backend

Built to be Customized

The most basic way of editing content in Neos is available by just clicking what you want to change, working out the changes and pressing the publish button. It's that simple. 

If you need to edit SEO data next to the content, Neos provides an inspector for that.

If you need more, the inspector will be expandable to the full screen providing the user with all property options.

That’s not enough? You can create custom backend modules in a snap.

Neos will blend in seamlessly with your website so you as an editor don't have to re-think in order to edit your content. It is our philosophy to reduce the amount of cognitive load to make editing content fun again.

Mastering Content Intuitively

  • Simple operation
  • Short learning period
  • No training required
  • Intuitive use

Authoring Experience

You don‘t need training to edit content in Neos – you already know how to do it. You just click on the part you want to edit – and start. But since publishing projects have very different authoring needs, there is no only way of editing content in Neos.

Either use the full In-Place editing or use what we call Raw Content editing. Raw Content is like having a distraction-free authoring application right inside your CMS – where all the templates are stripped away.

Raw Content mode also makes reusing content across channels more efficient because editors don't spend time perfecting content to match the template. Instead they can focus on the pure words and images while working with a tailored authoring interface. 

Preview Central

The Preview Central is where you build your preview templates. If you want your editors to always check three different representations of their content before publishing, then this is easily done in Neos.

The Preview Central is right next to your editing modes in Neos. You can quickly switch back and forth between editing and previewing.

Responsive Web

Responsive Web

When you create responsive websites, your CMS should naturally aid you by being responsive as well.

Your websites will load faster, feel more fluid and generate a better user experience than websites built with any other CMS on the market.

Since the advanced content editing mechanisms in Neos work together with your website you can change your contents directly within a responsive viewport – getting immediate results and reducing the time of testing your contents on different devices.

Apart from that Neos does not force you to build your website in a special way. Just create your templates - Neos will take care of the rest.

Ready for the cloud

Ready for the Cloud

Since Flow is cloud-ready, so is Neos. Neos scales with your business and your demands. You plan an intense marketing campaign? Simply add as many servers as needed to your environment.

Neos supports modern deployment scenarios and works great with Docker, scalable clusters, cloud storages and Content Delivery Networks.

Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO

Outrun the competition using Neos' advanced semantic features.

With Neos, creating custom content elements is a breeze - with whatever markup you need. So go ahead and embed RDFa, Microformats or attributes inside your templates - whatever fits best to your use-case.

Robust foundation - TYPO3 Flow

Built on a robust foundation

Being built on its own PHP framework  – Flow – makes your systems easy to adapt for whatever the future holds in store.

Flow provides built-in security, keeping your developers focussed on their main task - building your application - without having to worry about low level implementations.

The „code once - run everywhere“ approach of Flow makes the move from the application to the website very simple.

Whether you start with your website and build the applications from there or you have your application and need content management added to it – Neos and Flow got your back.

Simple, reliable deployment

Neos enables you to export and import website content. You can easily move content between development, staging and production.

Additionally, Neos is deployable through Surf – the standard deployment solution for Neos and Flow. Surf makes changes to functionality in your projects reproducible and highly reliable.

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