Looking for a great developing experience?

You found it - welcome to Neos!

Neos is not only a Content Management System. It is based on the sophisticated PHP Framework "Flow" which allows you to rapidly build state-of-the-art web applications bundled with a powerful CMS. This makes Neos a full-fledged "Content Application Platform"

What makes Neos so special?

  • Its Architecture
    Based on the PHP-Framework "Flow" (which adheres to a great many PSRs) and a User Interface that is completely written in ReactJS. It is perfectly suited for todays development methods and workflows, can be deployed with ease and is completely cloud-ready. 

  • Its Concepts
    Neos is based on powerful ideas like Domain Driven Design, an elaborate Content Repository and is widely and easily extensible.

  • Its Feature richness
    Rich options on a clean and carefully maintained codebase. Not everything, but everything great web projects need.

  • The Tooling
    The community offers a full variety of tools. Docker-based dev-environment, Gulp based build pipeline, cloud hosting and IDE-Plugins for IntelliJ, VSCode and Atom.

  • The People
    The open and helpful community will help you out when in need - and if you want you can meet them in person on many occasions.
    The professional release roadmap is absolutely reliable and there are regular bugfix and maintenance releases for everything.

  • Future Development
    Neos has always been using technologies and concepts ahead of its time. It is probably going to be the first CMS to use Event Sourcing in its very core: the content repository. The community is also working on Neos as Headless CMS with GraphQL and Neos as a Static Site Generator.


How about Security?

The Flow framework already covers a lot of basic threats by default:

  • The template engine has sane defaults and measures to prevent XSS and CSRF attacks via escaping and automatic form tokens.
  • The database access layer uses prepared statements by default to prevent against SQL injections.
  • Flow provides secure hashing algorithms PBKDF2/bcrypt for e.g. passwords and
  • an RSA wallet for storing private/public keys for encryption.
  • Flow also provides an inbuilt application firewall that can filter requests based on different "patterns", like URI patterns, host names, IP ranges or custom rules.

Regarding authentication you can easily plug in custom providers that will authenticate a request - by default that is a PasswordUsername, but there are implementations that e.g. authorise against LDAP or OAuth2 servers. So there's a lot of out-of-the-box toolery to create a secure application, but of course it depends on the correct usage.

You can find more details on security in Flow-based applications over at: 

And since Neos is based on Flow, all those measures come out-of-the-box. That means you editor logins are as secure as they can be, your site is protected against SQL-injection attacks, … On top of that, Neos defaults to a secure output, too. Everything is escaped, editors cannot use straight markup, whether it is HTML or JavaScript, by default.

Some more details?

Flow Framework: PHP

Flow is a high end PHP Framework based on Domain Driven Design principles - which let you concentrate on the business domain instead of technical issues. It offers everything you'd expect from a Framework (Routing, HTTP Stack, MVC, cli, Caching etc.) as well as great features like a cloud-ready Resource Management, Aspect Oriented Programming and a great Security Framework.

Flow on github

User Interface: ReactJS

Neos ships with which is one of the largest open-source ReactJS Applications: The Neos UI - which is what users love about Neos. It delivers

  • Real inline-editing
  • Ckeditor5 integration
  • High performance
  • Great extensibility

Neos.UI on github

Neos ❤ Elasticsearch

Neos brought an Elasticsearch-Integration since the early Elasticsearch-Versions. This means: real-time-indexing (no crawling), clean and deep frontend- and backend integration as well as many features like autosuggest and aggregations.

Elasticsearch for Flow on github
Elasticsearch for Neos on github


Neos and Flow were developed in order to give editors and developers the best experience possible. The approach is intuitive, easy to learn and working with it is really fun. The code and the concepts behind are self-explanatory, yet we focus on a great "documentation experience" as well.



One of our most important claims is that we deliver clean code - this includes proper naming as well as continuous refactoring and care. 
Neos is clearly layered and structured and is based on the "Convention over Configuration" principle. 
We love to work with Neos - and that is why the codebase is going to stay as clean as it is.


According to developers from all over the globe, working with Neos is the first time they are having fun working with a CMS.
Some say it is extremely easy to learn, for others it is a professional tool they are using every day - not only developing code, but also editing content. 
And some told us that it somehow feels like home.

Still not convinced?