The content staging area for you and your team

What is a Personal Workspace?

The personal workspace is a copy of the website which contains your content modifications until you publish them.

Imagine it as an additional layer on top of your website which contains only the contents you've modified. This enables you to see changes made by other editors at the same time.

Publishing All Changes At Once

Through workspaces, you can do changes on many parts of the website individually, and publish them all at once. No broken live-websites anymore containing just certain published parts of the changes!

Furthermore, you can treat your workspace as a scratchpad, where you can iterate on ideas and refine them, until they are ready for publishing or the review process.

Simple Publishing Workflow

1. Create and Preview

Create your content and immediately view how it behaves on the website.

2. Refine

Refine and adjust your content until it is ready for go-live.

3. Publish

Publishing your content is possible per-page, globally or even by choosing individual elements. Simple, yet powerful.

Collaborate on Content with Internal Workspaces

Internal workspaces can be shared across accounts, this allows you to collaboratively work on campaigns, landing pages or regular website contents with your team or your client.

Furthermore, you can even restrict editors to only being able to publish to an internal workspace. This is how you can enforce a strict content review workflow in Neos.