Join our team as a UI/UX designer to enhance the Neos CMS backend experience

Join us as we reflect on the evolution of our content management system and look forward to the highly Version 9.0 release. Be part of the Neos family!

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Shape the Future of Editing Experience

We, as an open-source software family, thrive on collaboration, but currently, we lack the expertise of designers in our community. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join us in crafting optimal user experiences for groundbreaking new features that we will introduce with Neos 9.0.

Challenge the status quo of our user interface, which has lasted for a decade now, and draft a new one that will hopefully last another decade!

Be a part of the Neos community and collaborate with us in shaping our future. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in ensuring that Neos CMS not only remains innovative but also continues to provide users with an exceptional and intuitive editing experience.

Join us on Slack (button below) and reach out in the #guild-ux channel. Let's build the future of the editing experience together!


History of the Neos Editing UI

As we bid farewell to the past year, we also marked the 10th anniversary of the Neos CMS 1.0 release. Reflecting on this milestone, both the Neos team and community can take pride in the remarkable evolution of our beloved content management system. Over the years, our community has grown, and the feature set has expanded. However, the fundamental and groundbreaking UX concepts introduced a decade ago have not only endured but proven their worth.

A heartfelt thank you is due to the original team that passionately drove the project forward with innovative ideas.

Future of the Neos Editing UI with Neos 9.0

With the upcoming release of Neos CMS 9.0, we are on the brink of experiencing significant and once again, highly innovative changes. However, with these new possibilities come new challenges, and existing structures need to be reevaluated. The current design and design language, ingeniously crafted by Rasmus Leth Skjoldan, have served us well for a long time. Yet, as our extensions gradually evolve, there is a need for a small design evolution to keep up.

The introduction of the event-sourced content repository completely transforms how we work with content on a data basis. This new feature allows us to detect and display changes in a version control system similar to git. However, despite these functional advancements, there currently exist no UX concepts or UI for these adjustments. As a team deeply immersed in development, we prioritize products with excellent user experiences and naturally strive to provide Neos end-users with the best possible experience.