Neos Con 2023 Recap

Neos Con 2023 has concluded with many new impressions, 
a highly anticipated release, and a few firsts, we might see in the future again.  

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Neos Con 2023 was held for the first time in the German capital of Berlin, with the historic Kulturbrauerei serving as the ideal venue for the gathering. In the heart of the city, the Neos community and the Neos team came together to not only gain insights into the Neos CMS, but also to explore new topics such as sustainability that will significantly impact the entire industry in the coming years.

Neos Con 2023 Laser Show

More Lasers!

Once again the event was a treat for music lovers. In a very fitting conference opening, the lead guitarist of R3VO performed the main theme together with Florian Seidel from Sandstorm on the decks. The intro was composed especially for Neos Con, accompanied by the fantastic laser show (kudos to Paolo Magico). The show must go on... yeahhh!! 

Watch Neos Con 2023 on YouTube!

As usual, we have live-recorded Neos Con 2023 and you can access both days and stages on Youtube. The single talks will follow once they've been cut.

A new four day event lineup

Another well-received “first” this year was the incorporation of the “Zero to Hero” workshop and a contribution day to the official event lineup, concluding in a four day event that gave Neos Con a much more “hands on” experience.

Led by people who have made Neos CMS the product it is today and enthusiastic community members, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the essential information they need to start their first Neos CMS project.

Following the annual tradition, Neos Con 2023 offered a two-day main event with two parallel tracks, covering a wide range of compelling subjects. The schedule showcased a mix of topics both within and beyond the realm of Neos CMS.

On the final day of the event experienced Neos CMS users took center stage, eager to exchange knowledge and insights to contribute code or hunt down bugs with team members. You can read all about it from the perspective of a participant in this blog post from Paula Kallert and Tobias Gruber.

The Neos Con 2023 Community Award

A very unfortunate tragedy led to a Neos Award unlike any other. Having lost a friend, colleague, contributor and Neos Award judge just weeks before the event, the Award focused entirely on individuals who are on a journey through the Neos community. Because without the dedication of those who give their time and effort to the community, Neos CMS simply would not exist. The circumstances are so sad, but they have led to something that was long overdue: the Community Award.

Thank you Flo for all you did for us… hyper… hyper

Manuel Meister and Nicole
Nicole & Manuel
All Neos Con 2023 Community Award winners on stage
Neos Award 2023
Paula Kallert on stage with David Spiola
Paula & David
Denny Lubitz interviewed by David
Denny & David
Lorenz Ulrch interviewed by Christian
Lorenz and Christian

Neos 9 everywhere!

With the highly anticipated release of Neos 9 imminent, this was the theme of the conference. Several presentations on stage focused on Neos 9, the underlying technologies, and the overall impact on content storage. But off stage, the topic also generated interesting discussions within the community about the impact on editorial work and the Neos project itself.

The new content repository is expected to be a major selling point for the Neos project in the coming years. So it is not surprising that the presentation titled "New Neos 9.0 Features and how to use them" was awarded as the best presentation by the participants.

For those who contribute to Neos

Everyone contributing to Neos Con 2023 on stage
A tribute to all speakers, organizers, hosts, sponsors, helping hands, musicians and participants

Every year, the Neos community comes together to learn, to listen, and to contribute. And we also come together to make new friends, gain new impressions, and take home the spirit of community. Things that can only be experienced in person.

On behalf of all the speakers, organizers, presenters, sponsors, helpers and musicians, thank you for coming.... and don't forget... being there is also a contribution.

Neos Con 2023 Drone Photo

All the best and see you next year,

David from your Neos Team