Managing content doesn't need to be hard

Login. Type. Publish
You're gonna love it!

Ok, that was too simple to believe.
We'll explain it more detailled.

Navigate and edit

1. Login 

After you have logged into the Neos Website, you see the website as you know it, just with editing controls enabled.

2. Navigate the Website

To find the content you want to change, you can use the website navigation just as usual, or you use the Navigate component at the left of the Neos user interface.

3. Change Content

Just select the content element you want to change, and start typing.


4. No need to save

Neos automatically saves as-you-type, no action needed. You can stop editing anytime and resume later at exactly the same point where you left off.

5. Publish

When your change is complete, press Publish and your content is live!

Neos is really that easy

And you have only just touched the surface.
Of course there is much more to Neos than we can explain in one page.
But now that you know its simplicity, you can 

 Wolfgang Megert, Business Development, Swisscom AG

„I have trained 8+ editors at Swisscom in how to use our new newsletter tool. One of the biggest assets is the good usability of Neos. Editors can build their own newsletters after a short training session and they are able to repeat it even if they have not used the tool for a couple of weeks.“

Wolfgang Megert, Business Development, Swisscom AG