Post Sanela Health AG

Giving members of the public the key to their healthcare data and enabling service providers to deliver healthcare more effectively – those are the goals that Swiss Post has set itself. The operating company Post Sanela Health Ltd operates and offers the electronic patient record (EPR) in 14 cantons.


How Neos made the difference

ongoing has developed a new website based on the Neos CMS together with Sanela and the support of the Swiss Post UX team. As a subsidiary of the Swiss Postal Services, Sanela should also have the uniform look and feel of Swiss Post. The Post Design System was used "externally" for the first time. 

The focus is on the website's two target groups: private person and professionals. Thanks to a sophisticated menu structure and call-to-actions, the user is quickly directed to the right area.

Components implemented for the website were built in such a way that they can also be used in other systems such as OneTouch, the internal app for healthcare professionals, with almost no additional effort.

Neos is perfectly suited as a central content hub in which content can be conveniently managed. The multilingual content is recorded in Neos, the targeting is defined and then transferred to third-party systems via interfaces. For example, news or FAQ entries can be sent directly from the website to other apps or directly to the EPR.

Thanks to the central management of content and its translations, editors always have an overview. It goes without saying that no content has to be entered twice in several languages. 

With the search function, users who are in a hurry can quickly find what they are looking for. The display of "frequently searched terms" also helps to guide the user.

„With NEOS, content that is tailored to different target groups can be adapted quickly and easily. The intuitive user interface makes it possible to centrally manage multilingual content for various third-party systems, reducing the time and effort required to maintain content to a minimum.“

Tomas Greif, Business Development, Post Sanela Health AG
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Neos Impact Award 2024

The happy ongoing GmbH team with the award they won

The project won the Neos Impact Award 2024 🏆

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About the agency

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