Neos Sprint in Frankfurt - 21st to 26th Sep 2015

The Neos Community met in the DE-CIX meeting center in Frankfurt for a week-long sprint from 21st to 26th Sep 2015. We decided on a new team structure, worked on the GitHub move, discussed release management and brand strategy and worked on features and bug fixes for Flow and Neos.

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We kicked off with an introduction of the attending community and team members and gladly realized that about half of the group were first time attendees and that people had come from Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Germany.

Contrary to previous sprints we didn’t start with a list of features and bugs that we needed to work on for the next release but focussed on the way the Neos Project will be structured in the future. Gina Steiner led this first day and moderated the workshop. We developed an agile project structure for the Neos Project which we have described in detail in this blog post.

After discussing this general topic, we split up into smaller groups to work on more specialized topics such as the Github move, our brand strategy, the PSR-2 coding standard and features for the next releases of Neos and Flow.

PSR-2 coding standard adopted

During the sprint the change to the PSR-2 coding standard was completed. All maintained versions of Neos and Flow have been changed to reflect PSR-2. The adoption of this widely accepted coding standard makes it easier for developers with little previous experience with Neos or Flow to contribute to the project.

Github move

While the code of Neos and Flow has been moved to Github, more work has been done to setup tools and to be able to create releases through automation. For example, Travis CI was set up to run tests, code climate and Style CI can automatically fix CGL violations (like wrong usage of tabs/spaces) and help us to measure and maintain quality. These tools have been set up for all maintained branches during the sprint.

For more information on the Github move read the contribute section and have a look at the repositories at

Neos Release 2.1

The major features planned for the next Neos release are

  • Workspaces

  • Content security improvements

  • History module polishing

Minor features include

  • Integrator improvements

  • Tooltips (UX)

  • Help texts (UX)

  • Performance improvements

In addition there will not be a release manager for this release but it will be a project for one of the new teams.

Read more about the plans for Neos 2.1 in this Discourse thread.

Brand Strategy

The development of a brand for the Neos Project was selected as a priority topic to be worked on. The goal is to establish an independent visual identity for Neos and Flow based on the unique properties of the community and the products. The process has already started and our first milestone will be a visual representation in form of a logo, font and colors.

As we cannot say with certainty how long this process will take, we ask you to contact us at hello (at) with any questions you may have regarding the Neos brand in the meantime.

Further Topics

A lot more topics were discussed at the sprint. You can read about the planned JS refactoring, search features and much more in this Discourse post.

For more impressions from the sprint visit our Facebook profile!

Thank you

A special thank you goes to our host DE-CIX who sponsored the rooms, food and accommodation for almost all participants.

The sprint was further supported through badge purchases from: