Why should I care about this?

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily and independently upload new pictures to your website? That's possible!

For this we have equipped your website with the Neos content management system. With such an editorial system, texts, images and entire page structures can be changed or recreated with just a few clicks.

An example: Your company celebrates its anniversary! Congratulations! On this occasion, you would like to publish a few pictures and words about the origins of your company in the news section of your website. Similar to Facebook, you can type a few lines yourself, choose the right photo from your computer and then publish it on your website! Our programming ensures that everything appears in your design and in the right place.

How does this work?

The Internet is a worldwide network of information and data. For example, if you access the Internet address in a browser, your computer will ask the server responsible for information. The server is - similar to the hard disk of your computer - the storage space for all data on the website.

If you now - as in our example - change images and texts of your corporate website with the help of the Neos content management system, they will be saved on the server of your website and can be accessed immediately from the whole world via the web address. Your browser is then responsible for converting this data on your screen into an interactive website.

Why Neos? Why not another system?

Often we can not imagine what a picture or text looks like in the design of our website. For other content management systems, you'll need to first click through complicated input modules before previewing your new website content. Not so in Neos!

Back to our example: You have just finished your anniversary text. Now you (and only you) see a preview of your website with the new content in the preview window. When typing a small mistake has crept in: »Anneversary«. Just click on the text mistake and you can - just like in Word - correct the wrong letter directly in the preview of your website. Done.

In contrast to other content management systems, all changes in Neos can be made directly in the design of your website. Only you will see a preview before deciding to publish your changes.

In short … yourself are the master of your website! With just a few clicks, you can change or create all content independently and directly in the design of your website and make it immediately available for the entire Internet.

Do you want to make your first experiences as an editor of your website? In our next step you will learn the basics of Neos.