Checklist before each publishing

You have finished your changes? But hove you considered all pieces? To avoid small mistakes, we have compiled this checklist for you before each publication.



  1. Are your texts assigned the right formats? So, for example, have you labeled a heading as such?
  2. Do you have extra spaces in your texts? They are not needed! Our design generates breaks where you need them.


  • Did you add the required »mailto:« for e-mail links, and did you make sure to not use any spaces?Example: »«
  • Did you add the required »tel:« for telephone links, and did you use the full number?
    Examoke: »tel:+43123456789«
  • Did you check that all links are working?

Media files

  1. Did you assign an alternative text to all content elements with media in the field "Alternative Text"?