Marketing Sprint in Hannover

On Thursday, the 12th of January, the Neos marketing guild met in Hannover for a sprint.

It is fun also for non-programmers to join a Neos sprint. In this case it was an individual marketing sprint (not combined with an allover Neos sprint) hosted by yeebase media and held at T3N offices in Hannover, Germany.

Marketing and open source go along pretty well. For the marketing guild as well as at the marekting sprints it is common that companies join in and send some people. This time we had attendees from yeebase, core4, sitegeist and sandstorm around.

The Neos Marketing guild meets at T3N magazine in Hannover

T3N magazine offered their rooms for the marketing sprint.

First we focused on giving status updates on the tasks we worked on since the last marketing sprint during the Neos sprint in Hamburg. After that we prioritized the tasks we had in the backlog and worked on some of them as a whole group and some of them in breakout groups.

Amongst the tasks we tackled were:

  • the new reference section
  • the Neos Conference
  • the Neos Foundation CIC
  • Acknowledgements for Neos supporters
  • MEET Neos Munich and Salzburg
  • upcoming MEET Neos Basel
  • the Neos Award
  • the Neos Newsletter
  • a new print marketing campaign with its own landingpage
  • and an agency listing on

Some further information regarding two of these tasks:

Acknowledgements for Neos supporters

Some time ago the Neos team decided to acknowledge suporters. We worked on a concept and decided to acknowledge the following supporters in the first step: 

  • event organization
  • core feature sponsoring
  • active core team member employment

Besides that we already have acknowledgments for Neos long-time supporters and one-time supporters of e.g. sprints.

The task now was to find a scalable matrix for digital badges and decide and work on the design drafts we already had in place. See a matrix for the support, the Neos team wants to acknowledge, further down.

The outcome was a cool digital badge system which we will announce here soon!

Matrix of acknowledgements for Neos supporters

Matrix of acknowledgements for Neos supporters

Print marketing campaign & target group

First the whole group discussed target groups and decided that we will focus on CTOs and developers. Surely we will validate, extend or change the focus on target groups from time to time.
After that, another breakout session brainstormed a landingpage for a new print marketing campaign for CTOs and developers. We had a pretty cool outcome, so stay tuned for the next marketing sprint, we hope to have the prototype ready until then.

This marketing sprint was very efficient, fruitful and once more lots of fun.
We thank all attendees and companies who sent their people, the wonderful Neos team and yeebase media for hosting us!

Joining the marketing guild

The Neos marketing guild would love to have more members! If you are interested in marketing issues, usability, design or other marketing related areas, you are very welcome to join us! It doesn't matter which country you come from, we all speak fluent English and obviously not everything is about coding ;).

Simply talk to us during an event, write a mail to hello (at) or drop a note in the marketing guild slack channel (guild_marketing).