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sitegeist/magicwand v4.0.3

Tools that make the Flow/Neos development easier
Last activity 2 days ago
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sitegeist/movealong v4.0.1

Configure fallback url-pathes that are evaluated in case no other route matches
Last activity 2 days ago
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sitegeist/monocle v6.1.0

An living-styleguide for Neos that is based on the actual fusion-code
Last activity 2 days ago
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sitegeist/neosguidelines v1.1.1

A package to validate projects against the sitegeist-project-guidelines.
Last activity on 11 November 2018
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sitegeist/klarschiff v2.1.2

Flow Package to avoid browser caching for updated resources
Last activity 2 days ago
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sitegeist/origami v1.0.0

Flow package that optimizes generated thumbnail images (jpg, png, gif, svg) for web presentation.
Last activity on 8 August 2018
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sitegeist/silhouettes v1.0.2

Preconfigure property-silhuettes that can be applied to various properties of multiple NodeTypes.
Last activity 2 days ago
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sitegeist/taxonomy v1.2.1

Manage vocabularies and taxonomies as separate node-hierarchy.
Last activity 6 days ago
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sitegeist/stagefog v1.0.0

Control reloading when nodes are modified
Last activity on 10 October 2018

sitegeist/csvpo v1.1.0

CSV based translations handling for Neos for easy use and colocation with presentational fusion