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composer require sitegeist/neostemplate-spectral

Neos Integration of the HTML5UP Template 'Spectral'


A Neos Integration of the free HTML5UP Template "Spectral" using Fusion and AFX.

Note: As this is an integration of an existing template no seperation of presentation and integration is implemented and also no styleguide is created. This is meant to be used as is and is not crafted for beeing extended!

Authors & Sponsors

The development and the public-releases of this package is generously sponsored by our employer


Spectral Template

The template "Spectral" is published under creative commons (CCBY) license. See for details.


The Neos Integration uses the GPL3 License


Sitegeist.NeosTemplate.Spectral is available via packagist. Run composer require sitegeist/neostemplate-spectral. We use semantic-versioning so every breaking change will increase the major-version number.


We will gladly accept contributions. Please send us pull requests.

The content of the readme is provided by Github
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