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obisconcept/neos-bootstrap-form 2.0.3

A Neos CMS package for forms in Twitter Bootstrap style and some additional features like Google Recaptcha.
Last activity 8 days ago
  • 1473

obisconcept/neos-gmaps 3.0.0

A Neos CMS package with a Google Maps node type for NEOS 3.0.0
Last activity 8 days ago
  • 638

obisconcept/neos-php 2.0.2

A Neos CMS package to inject small PHP scripts with a node
Last activity on 5 May 2017
  • 97

obisconcept/neos-demo dev-master

A Neos CMS demo website package to present our packages and some other third party packages.
Last activity on 6 June 2017
  • 1454

obisconcept/neos-bootstrap 2.0.5

A Neos CMS package to integrate Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Besides it integrates some Bootstrap based node types.
Last activity 17 days ago
  • 15

obisconcept/neos-sentry dev-master

Integrates the Sentry error tracking tool into the Neos CMS.
Last activity yesterday
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obisconcept/neos-search 2.0.6

A Neos CMS package to add search functionality for NEOS 3.0.0.