The All-New Community Infrastructure

While most of the Neos team is gathered at the code sprint in Nuremberg we want to share the latest developments regarding the Neos Project's infrastructure with you.

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In addition to the ongoing work on Neos 2.0 the team has been working hard to set up an independent infrastructure for the Neos Project. The goal is to have a solid technical foundation for you - the Neos community - to stay up-to-date with development, team discussions, code sprints and really everything concerning Neos and Flow.

For conversations

As most of you are aware, Slack exists for chat communication within the Neos community. Slack even agreed to sponsor a standard plan for the community - thanks Slack folks! You can signup to Slack here.

To make conversations more structured, persistent and findable for search engines, we have set up Discourse as the new community hub. Head over to to explore and participate!

Why did we choose to use Discourse over mailing lists or GitHub? We want to establish a modern platform that is not just for developers but also for designers, marketing-experts and all other non-technical community members.

For user management

We have set up a central user management. You only have to register for a account once and have access to all the relevant systems (currently Discourse, Jira and for the Neos Team, Jenkins).

Head over to and register for your very own account and start browsing Discourse, ask your questions and help others finding answers to theirs.

The account system is built on top of Atlassian Crowd and will support single-sign-on for all services in the future.

For tickets, documentation and translations

We  moved our Jira system to Help us keeping track of any Neos or Flow bugs you find and see what's planned for the next release.

Neos and Flow documentation have moved to Read the Docs.

Neos user backend translations can now be accessed at

You may have noticed that has moved to We have set up redundant, load-balanced servers on AWS including a CDN. This setup should provide sufficient performance and reliability for our website.


Special thanks go to our community who offered and provided a tremendous amount of help!

What should you do?

Go to to create your account. Then participate in the conversations on Discourse