Neos 2.0 beta released

Today we started the beta phase of Neos 2.0. This major upgrade focusses on internationalisation, fine grained security and cloud-ready asset management.

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With this release we start the beta phase, which means that all important features are included already. During the next few weeks we will further stabilise Neos and Flow and merge fixes for all important bugs we are aware of. We'd like to invite all developers to thoroughly test Neos during this phase and upgrade existing projects for giving the new features a try. As with all beta software, it is not recommended to use Neos 2.0 beta in production.

The major features included in Neos 2.0 are:

  • a localised user interface
  • a revamped security framework allows more control over content access and features front-end logins
  • a new resource management and media management provides a more mature model for more media types, thumbnails and adjustments and a plugin-based storage and publishing model
  • a SEO package providing all important base features for search engine optimisation
  • a seamless Google Analytics integration
  • an modular event log which displays important actions in the new History module
  • improvements to insert/paste for content elements
  • many usability improvements to the media browser/module
  • small improvements to the user management module
  • several improvements and enhancements for the media management module
  • hundreds of smaller improvements and bugfixes

Shortly after tagging Neos 2.0.0 beta 1 we discovered a new bug which affected rendering of images with adjustments. We considered this one a blocker and thus created a new release containing a fix for this issue. That's why we start our public beta phase with Neos 2.0.0 beta 2.

All the details about the new features can be found in the draft release notes and the change logs (for beta 1 and beta 2) and our updated documentation. Please report any bugs in our issue tracker (please use the search to check if someone else reported it already). As for the translated user interface, you can help us to translate Neos to your language via Crowdin. Also note that various labels are still hardcoded and thus can't be translated – we will work on this during the beta phase and have it ready for the final release.

Enjoy Neos!