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composer require formatd/mailer-queueadaptor

Mail Queue for Neos.SwiftMailer


This package changes the mail delivery in Neos (neos/swiftmailer) to asynchronously send mails via a queue. The idea is to make it work as a plug-and-play replacement for every mail generated in the system.


This Package is just a proof of concept and needs a patch for neos/swiftmailer to work (contained in this package and applied automatically by cweagans/composer-patches). The patch is neccessary because the Message object of neos/swiftmailer cannot be serialized. The patch changes the implementation from inheritance to a decorator pattern.


Choose a queue backend

This Packages uses flowpack/jobqueue-common ( to set up a mail queue. You can choose a backend of your taste, install it via composer and then override the className in the configuration:

          className: 'Flowpack\JobQueue\Doctrine\Queue\DoctrineQueue'

To use the default db backend just install flowpack/jobqueue-doctrine.

Setup queue

The queue must be set up with this command. See documentation here for details:

./flow queue:setup fdmailer-mail-queue

Start worker for queue

After these steps mails are put into the queue instead of beeing sent directly during the request. To send the queued mails run a worker cronjob on CLI:

# work on max 25 jobs in max 50 sec
./flow job:work fdmailer-mail-queue --limit 25 --exitAfter 50

Now test if it is working:

./flow email:send --body "Hello World" "My Test Mail"
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