formatd/hmac-authentication v1.1.3

Neos Flow package that adds an authentication provider for authenticating a flow account using a token with a configurable timeout.
Last activity on 15 November 2021 —
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  • 519

formatd/geoip v1.2.0

Neos integration for maxmind geoip2 client
Last activity on 17 February 2022 —
  • 198

formatd/importer v1.0.0

This package provides an XML-Importer for Neos Flow entities.
Last activity on 18 September 2019 —
  • 4

formatd/geoindexable v1.1.0

Service for fetching geo-information for addresses in Neos Flow projects (using nominatim/openstreatmap and geonames api)
Last activity on 06 May 2022 —
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  • 915

formatd/mailer v1.1.10

Wrapper for Swiftmailer in Neos Flow Projects
Last activity on 18 July 2022 —
  • 3141

formatd/doctrine-encryption v1.0.0

This package provides a string doctrine datatype that is stored encrypted in the persistence
Last activity on 08 September 2021 —

formatd/dummy-resources v1.0.3

Modifies the default FileSystemStorage to provide dummy files if the physical file for a resource is missing on disk.