Why you shouldn’t miss Neos Con

In less than 3 weeks the Neos CMS event of the year takes place in Dresden, Germany and it has never been better. Here is why!

– Written by

Robert Lemke

Neos is not just about the product (CMS), it is also about the people involved and the way we are moving forward together.

Robert Lemke


This quote by Robert Lemke is a good example about what the upcoming conference is about.

The People

Bringing the community together for a big event is always a bit magical. All attendees bring their personal values and view to have many great discussions about projects, prototypes, strategies, personal setbacks, and furious achievements. Getting to know the community even better, hearing their stories and challenges, helps the Neos team a lot to verify existing project goals, set new ones and prioritize them. It is the perfect opportunity to see and hear all people who are using the Neos CMS ecosystem, or are deciding whether to use it or not.

Bring your favorite T-Shirt

Following these open minded values, it does not matter what your favorite CMS, Framework, Movie, or Band is. As long as it respects your values and the Neos Code of Conduct, we encourage you to bring it to the conference. Hey… so many good conversations started with a smile or quote about an awesome t-shirt, right?

An international speaker lineup with 10 external speakers

The Neos community is founded on the idea of an open minded world and to be as welcoming as possible to everybody. That’s why we are very proud to have an awesome speaker lineup across many different topics exceeding the borders of the Neos CMS universe and bringing lots of new impressions to the conference.

This year over 28 national & international speakers will join Neos Con, covering more than 35 topics. Just to highlight some of them:

Developers Only? Absolutely NO!

Since this is often misunderstood, the Neos Conference is NOT just for coders. Sure, there will be dev topics, but we make sure to have a line-up for everyone.

The Project

Neos CMS has grown up to become a great product and content management system. The installation base is growing every year and the team is very proud of the latest milestone. The “Gryphon” LTS release is packed with new features and improvements and the conference is the perfect spot to get to know all about it, ask your questions, and get started with Neos CMS.

“From 0 - 100 with Neos CMS” Workshop

With your Neos Conference ticket, you also get free access to the pre-con workshop “Neos CMS From 0 - 100”. No matter if you are just starting with Neos or are with us since the early alphas, this workshop shows the actual best practices and you shouldn't miss it ;-)

The Future

Besides our core principles, which state that editing and managing content has to be as user-friendly as possible, the world doesn’t stop spinning, and we are constantly working on new features for the future. “Continues Innovation” is everywhere within the community and team and you will get a sneak peek about the next big thing for Neos CMS.

Also, from the bottom of our heat - if you want to be part of the innovation, have ideas or just want to fix a bug, you are always welcome to contribute! This is not an exclusive group of people, we are thankful for everybody joining the Neos Project!

The Community (Together)

The Neos team and all the people involved are looking forward to a full house in Dresden in a few weeks. If you don’t have a ticket yet, hurry up, there are just view tickets left.

We are looking forward to many interesting discussions about all kinds of topics, inspire people to do their next step with Neos CMS, and last but not least… talk about t-shirts.

The Neos Team