Hello, I'm Neos.

Today at InspiringCon 2016, we have launched the all-new Neos brand. To celebrate our new visual identity, we also relaunched neos.io. Read on to find out more!

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The brand...

... is professional and playful,
accommodates business and community contexts,
is extensible, and feels like Neos to us.

A New Visual Identity

With this brand, we're placing the letter "N" for Neos in the market for Content Management Systems. The brand consists not only of different logo variants, but also of a color scheme, fonts and guidelines on how to use them.




Secondary I


Secondary II



The all-new neos.io

We're celebrating the new Neos brand with a full relaunch of neos.io.

Feature Details

The awesome features in Neos deserve your full attention. We have given them their own section and written detail pages for the most important ones.

Package Listing

There are really helpful and ingenious packages available for Neos and Flow that can boost your content application to new heights. The "Packages" page of the new websites allows you to find the right ones for your needs.

Case Studies

Agencies are building beautiful websites and applications with Neos and Flow. We decided to give them the opportunity to share their most inspiring projects on neos.io.


We decided to restructure the available content on neos.io to allow easier navigation and provide the right content to the right audience intuitively.

What about Flow?


Flow is included in the new brand as a part of the Neos family. We will share more details in the near future.

Let us give you a tour

The best way to experience the new Neos brand is by exploring neos.io.