The First Neos BarCamp 

We Made It! The first Neos CMS BarCamp of all time!
We send a big thanks to everyone who participated in the event, Sitegeist for organizing it and the sponsor for helping it become a reality.

The first Neos BarCamp took place on November 26th in Hamburg. It was a one-day event focused mainly on the technical aspects of Neos. The event was right after a the Neos sprint in Hamburg from 22nd to 25th November. The participants were mostly developers, project managers, and decision makers.

Everyone's agenda 

The day started with the planning session. In this first session, moderated by Sven Ditz the director of Sitegeist, every participant introduced themselves and together they created the agenda for the entire day. Everyone could propose and request topics related to Neos. At the end there were more topics than slots which meant that only those topics got on the agenda which received the most votes from the participants. 

board of cards showing topcis and sessions slots for Neos BarCamp

List of selected topics from the planning session

Sharing knowledge

In the planning session, many of the core team proposed topics they wanted to share their knowledge about. As an example, Karsten Dambekalns, who is one of the core developers, offered to get Flow into the discussion. The team was absolutely open to spread their knowledge and help the participants understand the depths and shallows of Neos and Flow.

A special event at a special location

The event was held on a houseboat in Hamburg. It was a relaxing atmosphere and a perfect place for socializing. Floating on the water, the whole house was surrounded by a glass wall which allowed you to see the surrounding. Also daylight could shine into each room. The boat had multiple rooms including the reception, the lounge, 2 presentation rooms, and one room for the buffet. 

Houseboat during dusk

Neos BarCamp on a houseboat

In the lounge, there a was long cozy sofa which was only a few steps away from the bar. So people could order drinks at anytime without leaving their conversation.

BarCamp participants sitting in lounge discussing

An interesting discussion at every table

In addition to being in a great relaxing space all guests got delicious healthy food served for breakfast and lunch. And as a nice memory, every guest got a Neos Barcamp T-Shirt. 

pictures of the lunch buffet

The beautiful buffet

pictures of the lunch plates

The food was also a visual joy

We thank Sponsors and Organisers! 

The Neos Team would like to express their gratitude toward the sponsors and the organiser sitegeist for helping us make the First Neos BarCamp happen. Without their excellent organisation, we would not have been able to focus on our favourite CMS and to exchange ideas. You have selected a perfect location. We all really enjoyed the great services and your company at the Neos BarCamp!!
We thank the Platinum sponsor t3n for spreading the word about Neos. Thank you for your support and using Neos within your organisation!

What is up next?

Would you like to get in touch directly with the Neos core team? Join us at the Neos Conference next year in Hamburg and on Slack.