Preparing for the Future

A few days have passed since the announcement that Neos will transition into an independent project. On Tuesday and Wednesday we met in Munich to discuss the next steps.

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During the two days in Munich we strongly reconfirmed our commitment to Neos and Flow. Topics discussed ranged from the general strategy for Neos to specific infrastructure details and ideas to strengthen and grow the Neos community. Apart from the work that we are currently doing for Neos 2.0 and Flow 3.0 the next weeks will be extra busy with setting up the tools to connect the community, arranging hosting for our own website, continuing the move to GitHub and much more.

The first outcome we can make available publicly is a FAQ containing: 

  • some more information about the split

  • what we think will change
  • how you can get connected and contribute

We will publish further news as additional information becomes available and we progress with setting up our own infrastructure.

The fastest way to receive updates on Neos is by following our Twitter account. We are using a new hashtag #neoscms for our communication around Neos.

Furthermore, we set up a new Slack community, so get connected to the Neos team by joining us on Slack and subscribing to our Newsletter!

We have a lot of work ahead and can use all hands on deck, do you want to help out? Please join the #lounge channel on Slack and introduce yourself. We will then find a team / task for you to get started.

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