Neos Foundation e.V. - let's go!

The Neos Foundation e.V. is operational and replaces the Neos Foundation CIC. 

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Neos Foundation e.V.

Last year in Vienna we took the decision to transition our administrative body from our CIC to a German association. 

We are happy to announce that the Neos Foundation e.V. is fully operational now.

It is registered in Dresden and administration is done by Marika from Sandstorm. You can get in touch via foundation (at) or contact her on Slack as @marika.

Tobias with Neos Foundation e.V. registration documents in front of Notary sign

Funding transition to the Neos Foundation

As we planned, we now start to move our funding to the Neos Foundation. Starting on 01 January 2021 Sandstorm will phase out of handling Neos funds. We will contact our supporters directly to help them transition to the new handling. 

A nice byproduct of this change is that we have to pay less transactions fees as we can utilise SEPA debit payments for recurring transactions. 

If you consider to financially support the Neos Project, please get in touch with us at foundation (at)

Hurdles on the road to our e.V.

Our original plan was to found the e.V. in October 2019 - well, that did not go as planned. Just before we finished all the paperwork, the question was raised, whether we should apply for charitable (non-profit) status. Clarifying the requirements and loopholes took us another couple of months before we decided against it. The main reason was, that members of a charitable association are not allowed to receive market-priced compensation for work provided to the association. Something, that we need to boost core work as we have done in the past with our React UI or currently with the Event Sourced Content Repository and Media Module Rewrite.

Of course the Covid-19 Pandemic also played a role in the delay, making it more complicated to get physical signatures for paperwork.

Shutdown of the CIC

In the next months we will shutdown the Neos Foundation CIC to reduce our administrative overhead. Community members should not notice anything change except the listing in our legal imprint. 

It was an interesting experience running a UK-based company. Good bye!