Neos Sprint in Dusseldorf

Join us for our next sprint in Dusseldorf from July 31st to August 4th to make Neos an even greater Content Application Platform. We have room for 9 more people.

Hey there, have you heard that Neos has an upcoming sprint next month? It is from July 31st to August 4th. It is the forth Neos sprint this year. This time it will be in the beautiful city of Düsseldorf. Come to check it out! It will be hosted by Noerdisch Digital Solutions at their office.

We have 9 more seats available - so join us. We plan to tackle the following topics during the sprint: 

  • Neos React UI
  • Refactor Content initialization and move to separate package

Why should you join this Sprint?

  • It is a cool event where you can meet core team and other community members
  • You can learn a few tips and tricks while working on the project
  • It is an opportunity to give your input and to implement features that you would like to have in Neos
  • Leave your regular routine for a few days to try something new
  • And last but not least simply to have a good time and connect with our fellow passionate community members

What do we do at the Sprint?

For you to feel more connected and comfortable here are few things we normally do during sprints:

  • We speak English ;-)
  • We like to catch up with each other
  • We listen to music and if you have any different taste feel free to share
  • We share ideas
  • We shape each other's ideas and make them happen in Neos
  • We party in the evening. Well, we usually go out to have some nice dinner and drink some German beer and talk about coding and life of course

Worry you wouldn’t know what to do? Don’t be, at the beginning there will be a kick off meeting. Our sprint organizer will explain what are the tasks and you will be assigned to a small group who know what the task is about. They will support you.

Here are two blog articles of our most recent sprints this year. They will tell you of the sprint experience for the newcomers and the atmosphere during the sprint. Maybe they make you feel more inspired to join:

And a few pictures from the last sprint, enjoy!

Neos code sprint photo time

Our group photos, say cheese!!

Neos code sprint sprint time

You may find yourself having this face too, after all, we are tackling tough challenges :) (Gerhard Boden)

Neos code sprint fun time

Never forget the fun time

Neos code sprint sprint time

Gina Steiner, our brilliant organizer 

Neos code sprint sprint time

Christin Müller support Daniela Grammlich at her first Neos Code Sprint                                 

Neos code sprint photo time

Join us, we love to have you at the sprint

If you don't have the full five days, don't worry! Just join us for the days that you have time. 

Thanks for reading this article and we hope to see you in Düsseldorf next month!

The Neos Team