Back to the overview GmbH is one of the leading Neos agencies in Germany. We provide services around Neos since Neos 1.0 and have build various installations from public websites to complex user driven portal solutions. With our engagement from sponsoring NeosCon to our core team members we want to support Neos and make sure that we can provide great Neos-based solutions to our customers that are stable as well as flexible over years.


Kaiserallee 13a
76133 Karlsruhe - Germany

Provided services

 Number of employees: 11-50
  • Hosting
  • Consulting
  • Integration - Website development
  • Package development
  • Support
  • Trainings / Workshops
  • SLA
  • Full Service
  • Core development
  • Design

Funding badges

  • Active Team Member Employer 1
  • Sprint Supporter 2021
  • Long Time Supporter Organization Gold
  • React UI Core Feature Bronze
  • React UI Core Feature Bronze
  • React UI Core Feature Bronze
  • BrandSupportPremiumApril2016

Sponsorship badges

200€ per Month<sup>1</sup><br>Payment Interval: <br>3 months
employs<br>1 Team member