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Flownative GmbH

Flownative was founded by the folks who originally started the Neos project. Our mission is to share our expert knowledge with the community and organizations and enable you to run successful Neos projects. And if you're looking for a place to host your Neos website or Flow application, our tailored cloud hosting platform might be the perfect fit!


Arnimstraße 19c
23566 Lübeck - Germany

Provided services

 Number of employees: 2-10
  • Consulting
  • Hosting
  • Core development
  • Package development
  • Trainings / Workshops
  • Integration - Website development


  • Neos Gold Award 2019 (Beach)

Neos packages

More on Github 

Funding badges

  • Active Team Member Employer 3
  • Long Time Supporter Organization Gold
  • Tree Multi-Select (200)

Sponsorship badges

200€ per Month<sup>1</sup><br>Payment Interval: <br>3 months
employs<br>3 Team members