Neos Conference 2023

Berlin, Germany
Sandstorm, Sitegeist


Neos Con - Reaching beyond yourself

Neos Conference is on a mission to inspire people by demonstrating cutting edge technology, encourage everybody to think “out-of-the-box”, and connecting technological entrepreneurs with enthusiasts. Therefore the conference is for developers, technical leads, CTOs, and everyone who’s willing to learn something new and wants to challenge the status quo!

All talks impart sophisticated technology-knowledge about modern concepts, methods and not your average step-by-step online-tutorial to the audience. Neos Con is about the “why” and not about the “what”, it’s about understanding the bigger picture and not the 21st 3-step-manual, it’s about learning something new and sharing knowledge with each other, it’s about growing beyond yourself, it’s about getting inspired, and last but not least, it’s about having fun together.

60% of the talks are about Neos & Flow - obviously, it’s the Neos Con ;-) In addition, 40% are not-Neos-related topics and add deep insights about technology, testing and how to improve your whiteboard skills ;-)

On the first day of the conference there will be a free full-day workshop "Neos from 0 to 100" directly from the Neos team, where Neos beginners will learn how to implement a project using a real-world example.

For the first time we are closing this years conference with a "Contribution Day":

  • If you want to contribute, but have not done this before, we will help you getting started, set up the development environment, and help you with your first contribution.
  • If you know how to contribute, but normally lack the time, join our Contribution Day and let's work on Neos together.


Please organise your accommodation on your own. As a suggestion, the following hotels are close to the sprint location: