wegmeister/hyphenator 4.0.1

Neos-Plugion of the Word-Hyphenation for PHP based on the TeX-Hyphenation algorithm.
Last activity 19 Sep 2022 2 3291

wegmeister/sendinblue 1.1.0

Package that provides a finisher for Neos forms to add contacts to SendinBlue.
Last activity 25 Apr 2023 860

wegmeister/recaptcha 2.3.5

Form Element for the Flow Form Framework integrating Google's Recaptcha
Last activity 20 Jul 2023 7 18 53726

wegmeister/simplecaptcha 1.1.2

This package adds a simple captcha for forms by checking the time value and a random string.
Last activity 18 May 2022 1 16480

wegmeister/databasestorage 2.0.2

This package adds the ability to store inputs of a form (or other input) into database and export the stored data as xlsx.
Last activity 07 Dec 2023 5 15701

wegmeister/nodetype-search 1.0.0

Flow CLI Command to help find nodes by a given FlowQuery or node type.
Last activity 28 Nov 2022 2 1147

wegmeister/language-redirect 1.0.0

A Neos CMS package to handle language redirects based on the browser language.