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composer require webexcess/comments

This package provides your visitors the possibility to comment stuff and discuss together.

WebExcess.Comments for Neos CMS

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This package provides your visitors the possibility to comment stuff and discuss together.

Compatibility and Maintenance

Neos Package Maintained
3.x 0.0.x YES
4.x 0.1.x YES


composer require webexcess/comments


  • writeToDefaultDimension (boolean)
    • true: Comments are written to your sites default dimension
    • false (default): Comments are written to the current users dimension
  • publishCommentsLive (boolean)
    • true (default): Submitted comments are immediately visible in public
    • false: Submitted comments have to be published by a moderator (Not fully supported now)
  • allowCommenting.account (boolean)
    • true (default): Frontend-users comment with their account and account data
    • false: Frontend-user have to type in their data again
  • allowCommenting.guest: (boolean)
    • true (default): A guest can comment
    • false: A guest can't comment (just don't combine this with allowCommenting.account=false)
  • repliesDepth (int)
    • 0: No comment replies are allowed
    • 1: Only comments on the first level can get replies
    • n: ...
  • form.preset (string)
    • Bootstrap (default): Base CSS-Framework for the form
    • Possible values are: WebExcess | Bootstrap | Foundation | Material | Float
  • reCaptcha ..
    • To use reCaptcha, install the suggested Package first:
      composer require google/recaptcha
  • reCaptcha.enabled (boolean)
  • reCaptcha.websiteKey and reCaptcha.secretKey (string)
    • Go to Recaptcha, get your site-specific credentials and paste them here
  • mailer
    • @see code

Extension Points

  • Fusion
    • Manipulating the comment listing,
    • User presentation,
    • etc.
  • Form Template
  • Email Template
    • Change the Email format and template in the packages settings
  • Signals and Slots
    • The package sends the signal commentCreated. Read more about signals here.

Extension and Integration Examples

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