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composer require techdivision/jobs-googleapi

Package to send updated or deleted JobPostings to the Google Indexer API


This package is in beta status
It does work from a technical point of view, but there might be a lot of edge cases with the google crawler.
We are happy if you can provide feedback from real world scenarios. Send them to
Thank you very much!

With Jobs you can access the google indexing API - currently the only valid use of the indexing API.
Please be aware that this consumes your site's crawling budget, so use with care!

In order for this to work, we added

  • a backend module to send your new/changed jobs to the api
    (one could make this automatic, but this is kinda dangerous because each little publish would send it to the API and eat up your crawling budget)
  • a feature flag for automatic API calls on job deletion
    (which in turn is disabled by default for the same reason)

In addition, deleted jobs need to send at least a 404 header.
If you are serious about jobs, please install neos/redirecthandler-neosadapter to send a proper 410 status code after job deletion.

This package is based on flowpack/googleapiclient.
Please follow the package instructions on how to setup your api key.


TechDivision.Jobs.GoogleApi is available via packagist. Add "techdivision/jobs-googleapi" : "1.0.*@dev" to the require section of the composer.json or run composer require techdivision/jobs-googleapi:1.0.*@dev.

The backend module

Backend module


Enable the API call on deletion:

      enableApiCallOnJobDeletion: true

Further packages

To make jobs complete, we do offer a set of packages:


We will be happy to receive pull requests - dont hesitate!

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