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composer require techdivision/jobs-applicationform

A formbuilder application form based on the techdivision/jobs packages.


This is a default application form implementation based on neos/form-builder with fields that are quite often used. It will install the package techdivision/form-encryption to enable secure communication. Sending applicant data via e-mail can be non GDPR-compliant for a company.


TechDivision.Jobs.ApplicationForm is available via packagist. Add "techdivision/jobs-applicationform" : "~1.0" to the require section of the composer.json or run composer require techdivision/jobs-applicationform.



Fully featured application form with many default fields - so you dont have to build it yourself. If you want to adapt the form to your needs, please override the Fusion prototype TechDivision.Jobs.ApplicationForm:ApplicationForm. We recommend to add the "EncryptedEmailFinisher" for sending the form


You can use the file Admin.html either as templatePathAndFileName option or as templateSource within the EncryptedEmailFinisher NodeType.


You can as well add your own NodeBased Form and build your own Application Form.
For this purpose, we added a JobSelect FormElement. This NodeType will display a select (dropdown) with all available JobPostings


For the applicant journey we would like to connect the JobPosting with the ApplicationForm.
Therefore you have a button "Apply now", which will

  • link to the ApplicationForm
  • Add the current JobPosting as get parameter
  • display only the requested JobPosting in the JobSelect

Further packages

To make jobs complete, we do offer a set of packages:


We will be happy to receive pull requests - dont hesitate!

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