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Utilities to deal with phone numbers


This Neos package provides some functionality to deal with phone numbers in your daily work with Flow and Neos.


namespace Vendor\Package\Domain\Model;
use Neos\Flow\Annotations as Flow;

class SomeEntity {
     * @var string
     * @Flow\Validate(type="Onedrop.PhoneUtil:PhoneNumber")
     protected $phoneNumber;

Eel utility

Reformat into daillable number (output as tel: link):

phoneNumber = ${Phone.toDiallableNumber(q(node).property('number'), 'DE')}
# output '+4989123456789'

Geocode the phone number:

city = ${Phone.geocode(q(node).property('number'), 'DE')}
# output 'München'
city = ${Phone.geocode(q(node).property('number'), 'EN')}
# output 'Munich'

Extract numbers from a text:

phoneNumbersInText = ${Phone.extractNumbers(q(node).property('description'), 'DE')}
# outputs a RawArray containing the the possible phone numbers (unmodified)

Typeahead ajax formatting

A special endpoint __phone/format is provided.

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