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composer require jonnitto/outdatedbrowser

Outdated Browser for Neos CMS

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This package includes Outdated Browser into Neos CMS. You can configure in your Settings.yaml when the warning should be shown.

Version Neos Maintained
1.* 3.3.* + 4.* + 5.*
2.* 4.* + 5.*
3.* 4.3.* + 5.*
4.* 4.3.* + 5.* + 7.*


Most of the time you have to make small adjustments to a package (e.g. configuration in Settings.yaml). Because of that, it is important to add the corresponding package to the composer from your theme package. Mostly this is the site packages located under Packages/Sites/. To install it correctly go to your theme package (e.g.Packages/Sites/Foo.Bar) and run following command:

composer require jonnitto/outdatedbrowser --no-update

The --no-update command prevent the automatic update of the dependencies. After the package was added to your theme composer.json, go back to the root of the Neos installation and run composer update. Et voilà! Your desired package is now installed correctly.


Basicly you need to ajust the setting Jonnitto.OutdatedBrowser.lowerThan. The default value is Edge. You can set the setting Jonnitto.OutdatedBrowser.lowerThan to different kind of values:

  • Browser based
    • A23 (Android 2.3)
    • IE8
    • IE9
    • IE10
    • IE11
    • Edge
  • Feature based
    • Flexbox
    • oldGrid (The old css grid specification)
    • Grid
  • Property based
    • Any CSS property, e. g. transform


    lowerThan: Grid

If you want to check for multiple features, you can write lowerThan also an array, for example:

        - Edge
        - grid-auto-flow

Per default, the package checks if the visitor is a crawler or not. If it is a crawler, the warning doesn't get rendered at all. You can disable this behavior like this:

    disableForCrawler: false


This package is based on Dotpulse.OutdatedBrowser, who was also written by me. As dotpulse is not a company with active developers anymore and I have no access to the repository on packagist, I refactored the package and published it here.

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