Half a year in the Neos community

Let us take a look at what has happened in the previous (almost) 6 months.

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As is the case roughly every half year, in November we had another team retrospective during the Neos sprint in Salzburg, Austria. At that retrospective we (just like during the previous ones) created a timeline of things that had happened since the previous retrospective.

The timeline shows:

  • The sprint in Dresden (in dark blue.) Here we definitely want to have more!
  • The Neos Meetups are still happening on a regular basis (in light blue.) But we would love to have more of them!
  • Three new members joined the teams (yellow underline), one left.
  • And again a ton of releases has been done (in red), the scheduling works out.
The November 2018 retrospective timeline

The November 2018 retrospective timeline

As mentioned above we would love to have more Meetups and sprints.

For the Meetups, that is to a large degree depending on you people out there. If you'd like to have a meetup near you, feel free to organize it yourself! We can certainly help, get in touch with the team if have questions or need support.

As far as sprints go, we realize they are a huge investment of time and money. Going somewhere more or less remote means travel expenses, and being away from work and family takes it's toll. Thus we'd like to have more topic sprints, with their tighter focus they are shorter and thus easier to "squeeze in" for most people. The week-long sprints should ideally happen once every quarter, but we will not expect team members to attend every sprint. That gives everyone (including you!) the chance to attend sprints more often, spreading possible dates over the year.