TYPO3 Neos 1.2 Beta released

The first beta of TYPO3 Neos version 1.2 has been released for testing.

Update: We relased TYPO3 Neos 1.2 beta 3

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The release first and foremost marks the introduction of translation in Neos. Secondly, a great amount of work has been put into enhancing the author experience with a broad range of features, improvements and fixes.

Overall, the product is now getting much closer to being to able to solve most project needs.

A lot of the feedback we got from the first versions of Neos, told us that the author experience we have built is among the best of the best. With the 1.2 version, we want to push the quality of the author experience even further.

Highlights of 1.2

A small subset of all the many new features include:

  • Translation support – based on Neos’ Content Dimensions
  • Constraints now makes it possible to fine-tune where different types of content can be placed
  • Tabs in the inspector give users a better overview of different groups of properties
  • The Aloha editor is now updated and provides far greater stability while editing text
  • Fixed aspect ratio for cropping images is now possible
  • Time support in the inspector – not only can an author choose to publish changes on a specific day but now also at a specific time

In total 92 new features, 265 tasks and 232 bugfixes made it into the beta and more non-breaking improvements will come during the finalization phase.

Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who have helped get TYPO3 Neos 1.2 Beta done – especially to release manager of 1.2, Aske Ertmann, who has worked exceptionally hard to make Neos 1.2 beta become reality.

How to report issues

Issues can be reported at https://jira.neos.io/browse/NEOS

Please search for known issues before submitting bug reports.


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