TYPO3 Neos 1.0.2 released

The release of TYPO3 Neos. 1.0.2 delivers several bugfixes mainly within the package TYPO3.Neos as well as some fixes for TYPO3.TYPO3CR and some minor features.

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The following list will give you a short overview about the changes.

  • Update references in documentation
  • Secondary inspector is rendered outside viewport in F
  • A better way of parsing the HTML of asynchronous page load
  • Optimize typical filter usages of EEL children operation
  • Default attributes property of menu TypoScript object
  • "node" used in label for create new dialog
  • Security policies in Neos are too strict
  • Link inceptor handling of local links
  • Node tree filter too wide in Firefox
  • Sites management module widget action button
  • Improve usability of position menus in navigate component
  • Title missing for paste/new buttons in navigate component
  • Shortcut to siteroot has no active state
  • Fix minor errors in documentation
  • Only accepts URLs with the configured URI suffix - Be careful, this is a breaking change if you relied on the fact that any format suffix is accepted by Neos.
  • YAML indention and typo in integrators cookbook
  • Fix various CGL violations
  • Opacity of datetime editor inspector field
  • Add missing grunt-trimtrailingspaces dependency
  • Reworked MenuImplementation
  • Minor coding fixes for users management module
  • Remove obsolete route that might break routing
  • Fix Page documentation in TS reference
  • Correctly rename site root nodes
  • Menu section collapse arrow styling
  • Headline alignment is not persisted
  • Shortcut rendering is broken in combination with layout
  • Dateselector should do "previous" too
  • Node references do not respect context workspace
  • Prevent database error with too long index
  • materialize NodeData in removeProperty()
  • Fix wrong hint in method docblock
  • isEven & isOdd not supported in TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection

More details for every change can be found in the changelog.